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Alligator on the Zipper is a feature length documentary that profiles 7 women long haul truckers. Women truck drivers aren't usually thought of as American folk heroes, yet the seven women portrayed in the documentary film evoke the qualities of modern day cowboys. Courageous, tough and with a fierce love of freedom, they heed the call of the road that speaks to their independent spirit.
"Fantastic! These courageous women will forever change the way you see truckers."
—Meredith Ochs, SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Traditionally trucking has been viewed as a male dominated industry, but in recent years, women have become a growing presence in the trucking world. Attracted to the freedom of the road, the potential of making a good living and the autonomy of the trucking lifestyle, more and more women are becoming drivers and finding that they love their work. The stories of 7 women give us a candid look into the rarely viewed lifestyle of women truckers. The open highways of America are where these independent women reinvent and transform themselves and reach for their dreams.

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